Top Tips For Children’s Party Success

As well as everything you’ve been reading on this website about the magic I perform for adults, I also absolutely love performing The Magic Matt Show for children which I do hundreds of times each year. Kid’s parties can be an absolute nightmare to run if you don’t know what you’re doing so in between […]

The Best Wedding Entertainment For A Memorable Day

It probably wont surprise you that approximately 50% of my work is entertaining the guests at weddings. I absolutely love performing at them and in my time I’ve seen it all. Big weddings, small weddings, weddings in the back gardens of Yorkshire and weddings in million Euro mansions across Europe, I’ve even performed at a […]

How To Book A Magician Or Entertainer For A Charity Event

Charitable organisations are an amazing thing and as human beings we are a credit unto ourselves as a race that we give so much to so many amazing causes. It is always an absolute pleasure to lend my magic and performance skills to helping these causes when I can, especially when I can perform directly […]

Merlins Festival Of Magic, A Magic Geek’s Haven

As a magician and other than performing, I don’t think there’s much I enjoy more than when I get to be an absolute unashamed geek and engross myself in magic. Whether it be for a half hour coffee with magic buddies talking tricks and new ideas, an hour or 2 in a magic shop checking […]

3 magicians make it to the Britains Got Talent 2017 Grand Final

Three Out Of Four BGT Finalist Are Magicians

Three Out Of The Four Confirmed Finalists Of BGT Are Magicians Last night saw the 2nd semi-final of Britain’s Got Talent 2017 and following 2 successful years for magic acts, it’s no surprise there were a lot more auditioning this year than normal, or at least more of a high (or embarrassingly low) enough standard […]

Magic & Physics, Hand In Hand?

Magic & Physics, Hand in Hand?

I often get asked how my former job as a Physics teacher and lifelong obsession with magic go together as they are two completely different things. One deals with reality and explains the world around us with facts to prove how things work, the other acts to disprove those very facts. I’m going to concentrate on […]

Old Tricks From Magician’s Garage Get Thousands of Viewers

Matt has been performing magic for over 20 years after his mother used to leave him in a little magic shop in Manchester whilst she did her shopping. Over the years, Matt has amassed a whole load of “magic tat”, filling his garage along with a trailer and cupboard loads of magic still stationed back […]

Is You Tube Really Killing Magic?

A few magicians have mentioned lately that they believe the popularity of magic may fall on hard times again due to the sheer volume of videos on You Tube either teaching it or performing it. A number of my peers have mentioned this to me as well as people in general asking my opinion on […]

The Magic Castle

Matthew J Magic – The Magic Castle

I thought I’d talk a bit today about somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit… The Magic Castle in LA (feel free to click on the link if you aren’t sure of what it is). As discussed in one of my previous articles late last year, I get the inspiration to do what I do from […]