Magic Spark

Reigniting a spark

If you read my blog, you’ll know I quit teaching three and a half years ago to travel the world then become a full time professional magician. As madcap as it sounds, I had been building the business alongside my teaching career for 7/8 years by this point and my gig schedule was always full […]

Travelling Magician

Travelling Outside Your Comfort Zone

Most people are more than happy with a 2 week all inclusive holiday somewhere hot like Sharm El Sheik and who could blame them? But if I’m totally honest, it’s not really my cup of tea. All of my blog posts so far have been about magic, obviously given I’m a magician. In this one […]

Magic Inspiration

Magic inspiration

As I mentioned previously, most magicians initially learn their tricks out of books, by watching video tutorials or from fellow magic lovers but when you’ve learnt all of the basics and “utility” moves, where does the inspiration for original magic performances come from?. I can’t speak for others, but over the years I’ve definitely taken […]

Magic Close Up Events

The importance of resilience in personal development

I’ve talked about learning quite a bit recently on the blog. While each trick requires slightly different techniques to perfect, there are a few general tips that can help anyone out there who is looking to improve their performance levels. The same applies to almost all aspects of entertainment too. Following on from my last […]

Magician Masterclass

Three reasons to attend the Magic Masterclass

Learning magic isn’t easy: as touched on in my most recent article, I have been hooked from an early age, and continue to find new things out every single day. As I firmly believe that I wouldn’t be where I am now without the help of fellow Yorkshire and UK magicians, I set up the […]

Learning Professional Magic

Learning magic: where to start

Like many, I became interested in magic when I received a deck of magic playing cards as a Christmas gift from my brother and that was it, I was hooked. I learnt every trick that came with the pack of cards and performed them all relentlessly, practicing on anybody and everybody I could. Hungry to […]

Christmas Party Magician

Need entertainment for this year’s Christmas party?

As my December schedule is filling up pretty quickly I thought that now would be a good time to talk about the thing that most are waiting for: Christmas! I’ve been lucky enough to perform at some brilliant festive occasions over the years, and have done so at a variety of venues throughout Yorkshire and […]

Trade Show Close Up Magician

Why you should hire a trade show magician

Following on from my most recent blog post about the benefits of hiring a magician for your wedding, today I’m doing the same, but for trade shows. To put it bluntly, when exhibiting at a big event it is crucially important to stand out from the crowd – doing so not only draws attention to […]

Unusual Card Magic close up

Five benefits of hiring a magician for your wedding

Roundly recognised as the biggest day of one’s life, weddings are an important celebration for all involved – as well as marking the start of a new family, they also allow guests to share the special moment with their loved ones. To maximise everyone’s enjoyment, most couples opt to pay for entertainment to perform at […]