3 magicians make it to the Britains Got Talent 2017 Grand Final

Three Out Of Four BGT Finalist Are Magicians

Three Out Of The Four Confirmed Finalists Of BGT Are Magicians Last night saw the 2nd semi-final of Britain’s Got Talent 2017 and following 2 successful years for magic acts, it’s no surprise there were a lot more auditioning this year than normal, or at least more of a high (or embarrassingly low) enough standard […]

Magic & Physics, Hand In Hand?

Magic & Physics, Hand in Hand?

I often get asked how my former job as a Physics teacher and lifelong obsession with magic go together as they are two completely different things. One deals with reality and explains the world around us with facts to prove how things work, the other acts to disprove those very facts. I’m going to concentrate on […]

Harry Houdini

My favourite Harry Houdini stunts

As I discussed in a previous blog a few months ago, Harry Houdini has been a big inspiration of mine since I was young. On top of being an amazingly talented magician, illusionist and performer, he also showed people that they could quite literally ‘break free’ (as he did regularly during his stunts) in a […]

Street Entertainer

Street Entertainers – “Nothing More Than Common Thieves?”

What are your thoughts on street entertainers? Are they an enhancement to your experience of being out and about or a nuisance?  Most towns and cities in the UK have at least a few street entertainers in one guise or another but the performers themselves can seem to fall foul of people’s general opinion. I […]

Wedding Magician

A Few Of My Favourite Yorkshire Wedding Venues

Close up magic is a popular choice for weddings right now – as well as keeping guests entertained and improving the overall atmosphere of the day, it can also bring groups of people together. Having been hired for ceremonies across the UK and even abroad over the years, today I’m going to talk a bit […]

Restaurant Magic

Why your Yorkshire restaurant needs a close up magician

Regardless of whether you own a restaurant in Leeds, Huddersfield or the remainder of Yorkshire, one thing is for sure: an influx of customers is rarely a bad thing. In a world where you can grab a bite to eat on almost every corner, this unfortunately isn’t always easy to achieve. From hosting (and performing […]

Paul Daniels 1938-2016

“You’ll Like It, Not A Lot”

“You’ll Like It, Not A Lot” Paul Daniels 1938 – 2016 This past week a lot of people have obviously asked me my opinion on the sad news about Paul Daniels so here we are. Like many other magicians and entertainers it’s safe to say I was absolutely gutted to wake up to the news […]

Harry Houdini Magician

My thoughts on Harry Houdini

Rather than write about what I do or can offer, today I’m going to give my thoughts on one particular performer that inspired me to be a magician: Harry Houdini. Having performed all over Yorkshire, the UK and beyond for over 18 years, it’s nice to go back and rejig the old memory bank on […]

Team Building Magician

The Magic Masterclass as a team building activity

As some of you probably know, my Wakefield, Leeds and Manchester Masterclasses have helped over 350 individuals to learn the basics of performing magic (in addition to the thousands I have taught through seminars and other events). Though many aspiring magicians come along to hone their skills, an increasing number of Yorkshire businesses have started […]