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My thoughts on Harry Houdini

Rather than write about what I do or can offer, today I’m going to give my thoughts on one particular performer that inspired me to be a magician: Harry Houdini.

Having performed all over Yorkshire, the UK and beyond for over 18 years, it’s nice to go back and rejig the old memory bank on some of the things that really generated my excitement and love for magic.

As pretty much the first ‘superstar’ magician, Harry Houdini played (and continues to play) a big part in that. In a time of oppression, he was a physical metaphor in a lot of ways that showed people they can literally ‘break free’.

Though he’s best known as an escapologist, in truth he did pretty much everything in the late 1890s/early 1900s, and was an illusionist, stunt performer and actor to name just a few. He even appeared at Leeds City Varieties way back in 1904 as one of the most famous people around.

Everyone at some point will have heard of him being stuck in a water torture cell, buried alive and sealed inside the infamous milk can, but as a magician the one that really sticks out to me is the vanishing elephant trick.

To cut a long story short, Houdini led the giant animal into what looked like a moderately sized cabinet and closed both the doors and curtains. When they were opened the elephant had gone.

Whilst I don’t want to dwell too much on how he did it (click here if you must find out), the thing I love is that it was all about audience perspective. It showed that even on the world’s biggest stage the best tricks don’t necessarily need trapdoors or handcuffs – just those watching to truly believe what they’re seeing.

I can’t promise to live up to his standards, but if you’re hosting an event in the Wakefield, Leeds, Yorkshire or Manchester areas and want more info on my magician hire services, have a read through this.

You can also get in touch by either calling 07838 157 044 or filling out my quick enquiry form.

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