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    The importance of resilience in personal development

    Tuesday 01st December 2015

    I’ve talked about learning quite a bit recently on the blog.

    While each trick requires slightly different techniques to perfect, there are a few general tips that can help anyone out there who is looking to improve their performance levels. The same applies to almost all aspects of entertainment too.
    Following on from my last post about teaching magic, today I thought that I’d outline some of the pointers that I consider to be the most helpful:

    1) Practice

    I won’t trot out the old ‘practice makes perfect’ cliché, but once you master the mechanics of a trick you can start to think about the best ways of performing it. This leads me onto my next point…

    2) Perform

    Some aspiring magicians spend hours in isolation learning new moves, then freeze when it comes round to showing others. Demonstrating them to family and friends helps to bridge the gap and build confidence.

    3) Evaluate

    Ask yourself the questions that need answering! Does this look good? Am I showcasing it effortlessly? Will the audience be able to see what I want them to see? A good way of finding the solutions yourself is to perform in front of a mirror: this way you’ll view the trick from a different perspective altogether.

    If you’re based in the Wakefield, Leeds or Manchester areas and want to brush up on your skills after reading this article, please feel free to have a read about my Magic Masterclass sessions here.

    Should you alternatively be hosting an event in Yorkshire or the rest of the UK and want to enquire about my magician hire services, don’t hesitate to get in touch today by either calling 07838 157 044 or emailing [email protected].

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    Matt has been performing magic for over two and a half decades now – 23 years professionally and 8 as a full-time magician/entertainer. Forming the ‘Matthew J Magic & Variety Arts’ company and ‘The Magic Matt Show’ back in 2006.

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    I'm extending this flexibility to any new bookings in this uncertain time so you can get me booked in with the confidence that I'm happy to work with you if anything has to change.

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