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Why you should hire a trade show magician

Following on from my most recent blog post about the benefits of hiring a magician for your wedding, today I’m doing the same, but for trade shows.

To put it bluntly, when exhibiting at a big event it is crucially important to stand out from the crowd – doing so not only draws attention to both you and your company, but it also increases the likelihood of securing new business.

Having made many Yorkshire and UK organisations ‘magically become more attractive’ over the years, I’d like to think that I know a thing or two about what a professional magician can bring to your particular stand.

I’ll outline three of them below:

1) More eyes

Think of it this way: the more attention that you get the less your competitors receive. Trade show magicians are skilled at majorly boosting footfall. I, for example, promise to at least double it.

2) Increased sales

If potential customers are engaging with what you present then they will take a natural interest in what you have to offer. In this manner a magician can give purpose to why you are actually at the event – to drive sales.

3) Meaning

Reputable trade show magicians will tailor their performances to your specific requirements. Being able to cleverly incorporate a relevant company message into what I do, I can really give your trade stand some meaning. Delegates will then be keen to share their positive experiences with contacts and colleagues.

Exhibiting at a trade show event in Yorkshire or the UK?

To ask questions about any of the above or to discuss how my magician hire services can maximise your company’s impact, please do feel free to get in touch today.

You can speak to me by either calling 07838 157 044 or emailing

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