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Why your Yorkshire restaurant needs a close up magician

Regardless of whether you own a restaurant in Leeds, Huddersfield or the remainder of Yorkshire, one thing is for sure: an influx of customers is rarely a bad thing.

In a world where you can grab a bite to eat on almost every corner, this unfortunately isn’t always easy to achieve.

From hosting (and performing at) the monthly sell out CopaQubana evening at the Qubana restaurant in Wakefield, I know first hand how live entertainment can draw in new customers.

I’ll digress a bit below and explain exactly what a close up magician can offer:

1) Differentiator

Most people view eating out as a special occasion and want that little bit extra. Free entertainment is one way of giving them that and more. As close up magic is unobtrusive when compared to the likes of karaoke, for example, no one is forced to get involved if they simply want to have a quiet night too. My vast experience allows me to read whether a table would like to be entertained or left alone.

2) Customers come back

If someone enjoys their evening dining and being entertained by a magician then what are they likely to do? Either tell or bring their friends and family so they can experience it for themselves. A bi-weekly or monthly ‘magic night’ can then form a key part of your advertising.

3) Magic is ‘in’

As I discussed towards the start of this year, live magic is on the up. With Derren Brown and Dynamo (among many others) doing their bit across the country, people are now more willing to be entertained than ever. Why not capitalise on that and give customers what they want?

If you’d like more info on what I can bring to your Yorkshire or UK establishment, feel free to have a look at my magician hire services here.

To talk to me about your next event, get a free no obligation quote or enquire about CopaQubana, don’t hesitate to call 07838 157 044.

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