A Very Yorkshire Trade Show – Through The Eyes Of A Magician

Buy Yorkshire is one of the biggest trade fairs in Yorkshire and I’ve had the pleasure of working the event for the past 3 years to help companies stand out with an innovative way of attracting delegates to their exhibit.

The past 2 years, the company I have been working with is Reality Solutions and I was very grateful to be asked back again by them to be part of the team this year. Headed up by Sophie Dees, the team are an absolute pleasure to work with and really make me feel like part of the family (I’ll come back to that with regards to the rest of the trade show later). 

A Very Yorkshire Trade Show - Through The Eyes Of A Magician Matthew J Magic

Leading up to the event, we work together to establish the best way we can engage and entertain delegates with magic and other stand out performances in a way that gets them interested in what the company offers but also enhances their enjoyment of the event. I’ve worked with a lot of companies performing magic on their trade stands and it always helps when they just ‘get it’, by that I mean they get the whole reason why we’re there. At these events, delegates get all the extra bonuses of the fantastic seminars that are taking place, some belters this year by all accounts. For exhibitors, it’s all about the networking opportunities and creating brand awareness, we’re not there to actively sell a product. My job is to spark an interest then facilitate a conversation to take place, whether that be with someone interested in the products & services offered by the exhibitor, someone who is interested in that field or just someone who isn’t even aware that kind of thing exists. We’re not there to hard sell something, we’re there to talk about it and show it off.

These are the reasons I love Buy Yorkshire, the Yorkshire way. I saw so many people over the 2 days laughing, joking and just chatting with each other, not a hint of forcing a sale in sight but I know for a fact millions of pounds worth of business will be passed between Yorkshire businesses in the coming months thanks to the event. I mentioned that family feel before and it extends right across the show, friends I don’t see for months between events but can always rely on some solid warm hearted banter and conversation when they visit our stand to say hi or I have a little tour round to perform a bit of magic for other exhibitors (or to steal some pick & mix off the Clear Workplace guys).

This year I recognised more returning faces than ever and got the usual appreciation from some of the die hard magic fans which is always flattering (thanks Idris from The Yorkshire Mafia and Jen from @MacComms as usual).

A Very Yorkshire Trade Show - Through The Eyes Of A Magician Matthew J Magic

Those who didn’t make it to the post show drinks in Banyan definitely missed out but I’m pretty jealous of how clear your heads will have been yesterday, mine was certainly a little fuzzy but it was a great finish to a very enjoyable couple of days. If you didn’t manage to make it to any of the event, I highly recommend getting it in your diary for next year, not only will you be sure to learn something in the seminars and exhibition hall, I can also guarantee you’ll have a great time and leave with a feeling of the great business community we have here in Yorkshire.

There are some exciting changes coming next year and I’m looking forward to it already, make sure you follow @buyyorkshire on twitter (& @matthewjmagic too obviously) to keep updated. If you’d like to read more about my thoughts on trade shows, there’s another article I’ve written HERE and I’ll be following up with some insider top tips, soon.

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